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Are you one of those few gifted people who can somehow defy all odds and exceed their physical limitations when it comes to masturbation and manages to whack off every single day for years and years on end while barely maintaining a life outside of porn consumption? Are you one of those few hardened porn warriors that’s so desensitized from watching gigabytes-worth of pornography that you aren’t even phased by the sight of a naked woman or sex in general, and need something a little more ‘out there’ to fill in the gaping void of your life that is your romantic and emotional side?

If you’ve come to read my review about a porn site called ‘Sick Junk’, then chances are you fit right in the aforementioned category and are in need of some crucial feedback regarding this website in order to ‘consume it efficiently’. This website does contain bizarre porn, but the beautiful thing about it is that it’s not dedicated to just one genre – there’s not too much scat, BDSM or any other kind of taboo category that dominates this site’s content. Rather, it’s all just a finely-balanced mixture of weird, obscure, fucked-up pornography that ranges from a little out there to absolutely fucking bananas (sometimes literally). If you can’t be aroused by pornography of a lesser caliber than the stuff on this site, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.