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If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it's probably the fact that all of the crazy fucked up shit usually comes from Japan, and their pornography content is not that far from that. Don’t get me wrong, they do offer a ton of great Japanese porn clips that are quite basic or in that range, but there are a lot of bizarre videos that will leave you thoroughly confused; especially if you are not into such weird shit.

Well, if you need ‘Your daily JAV fix!’ then you should probably consider visiting, and here I will happily explain why. But, before we get to that, may I just say how retarded it is to put the ‘Are you over 18/21’ on any porn website. Do you really think that works? Oh my, look at me, I am 17 years old, yet I can still enter the site since all it really takes is one click, who the fuck will stop me?

Now ignoring that idiotic part of this site, let’s get down to the actual shit you came here for. Jav Junkies has an already self-explanatory name, and if you do not know what that means, you must be way too young or ancient for this shit; then again, you might just be retarded. In any case, JAV stands for Japanese Adult Videos, which just means that if you are into the bizarre and kinky clips of thin-eyed sluts banging, by all means, enjoy yourself here.