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A Hypno tube? That's not something you get to see every day on porno websites...what the fuck is a Hypno tube? No one knows, exactly. Well, it's not really hard to explain, but it's still beyond my reasoning why any man would want to watch any of these videos. Well, assertive, dominant heterosexual men obviously don't want to watch these videos, because they're supposed to hypnotize you into becoming a submissive girl or something like that? I don't know, really.

It's what this page is seemingly about. This fetish is a bit hard to understand, but then again, it's perfectly reasonable, since there are tons of submissive dudes out there who would just love to get their holes filled by other men who they see as more worthy of being "men" why they want to take on a more feminine role. I like to see them as lesser girls or something like that, because that's what they're turning themselves into, essentially, Girls that cannot be impregnated. However, they aren't the same as a sterile girl, obviously. Furthermore, not all sterile girls will be this submissive, while these "hypnotized sissies" are almost exclusively always submissive. They are sometimes full-on traps, but these traps want to be on top sometimes, but they will try to be as submissive as possible, even when they are tops.