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Damn, you really feel like you're getting into some special kind of shit when you look up a website, and it seems that the page has "vip" as the domain name. It gives off a spooky feeling, especially when the main thing with the website is the fact that it is all about girls and guys fisting each other. Well, so far I have not seen dudes getting fists up their asses on, rather, they were the ones who were shoving their hands up inside people's butt holes and their vagina's. Does this information even matter that much to you?

Well duh, I guess it is a very important thing to know. The content of comes with a price, too, seeing as you would have to join the website before you could actually watch any of the movies, so yeah. The "Vip" in the link really does stand there for a reason. However, even the images that the website provides for everyone, even the people who don't feel like emptying their wallets for a page such as this one, are quite hot, to be honest. I mean, they are hot if you are into this kind of thing. The fisting doesn't get too extreme for the average person, though. For example, there are no belly bulges or anything of the sort popping up too often, as that kind of thing would be too extreme and too unhealthy. Imagine the damage your body takes when something like that happens. I mean, having a fist up inside your ass hole would hurt quite a bit if you are not a trained professional (Jesus Christ I make this kind of thing sounds way too weird) is quite a feat, and indeed, this kind of feat is a feat that would make the average person curl up and scream in pain, but the girls on this page take it quite well.