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Today’s the day my dudes. Today’s the day that TPD is going to settle down. And what better way to do that than to find a bride online! is the perfect site for this. Granted, all the women on this site are Russian and Ukrainian, so if you can get over the thick accent then we’re on our way. Besides, we both know how sexy those eastern European girls are. And they raise them to be good housewives! Just the way it should be. Alright, before I doze off by thinking about the utopian society, let’s talk about this website and what you can find on it.

The primary purpose of is to meet exquisite girls that you can one day marry. Does this come at a price? Well, yes! You have to pay to chat with these girls, you have to pay to see their intro video, and you have to pay to send letters. However, what’s really good about this site is the fact that the prices of those actions are pretty cheap. They’re definitely cheaper than taking a real girl out on a date and buying her dinner and gifts. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. Heck, now I’m even tempted to hunt for my own Russian bride!