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As soon as you try to make your way inside which is a website that is all about escort reviews and escort information, you will be asked whether you are 18. Fair enough. The page, as it clearly states is entirely for entertainment purposes, and it contains no nude pictures. After getting the "are you 18?" box out of the screen, you'll get to see a few things on the page, but the biggest eye-catcher is the big black text, blacker than your mother-in-law's heart, underneath the home button, and this text right here explains what you're going to be in for on the ever exhilarating Erotic Monkey. Onwards. is a trustworthy source for quality escort reviews, so if you need a girl to keep you company for the night, this is most likely a good place to find them. Now, the home page can tell you a lot of things about the page on its own. For starters, you know that this page is all about the good ole U.S. of A. since what you'll be seeing in the sidebar are the cities in North America. So, you'll most likely be wasting time on if you're European. Maybe if you pay for her boat ticket across the lonely are you really?

For example, if you're looking at Atlanta, you'll see that about 13 thousand escorts available, however, if you look at Chicago, there are around 14k girls, and so on. You get the drill. Now, right next to the section where all these US cities are listed you can find the newest escort reviews. So, if you look to the right, you'll see a few pages full of escorts where you can see the most basic info on these girls. The number of reviews of the escorts, the age and the location of the girl, a brief description of the gal and so on. However, if you do want to learn more about the girl, then you might as well check in by clicking on the "read full review" button in the bottom right corner. Most of the time, the reviews are stellar since dudes who hired them never had a girl in their life period, so you can bet your ass that the reviews are going to be full of praise for these broads.