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If you came to see what has to offer, then you already know that this is an escort review site, since it is listed under the escort category. However, that is definitely not enough for you to decide whether this place is actually a site you want to waste your time on, and that is where I come in. I am a pro when it comes to all things pornographic, and that also includes escorts, so if you are interested in hiring a hot escort beauty, then continue reading, otherwise just visit a different site.

Nobody would blame you if you mistook this place for a forum site, because, in a way, it does act as a forum, not to mention that it really looks like that. Now, personally, I hate forum websites, as I find them useless, but I am not here to talk about what makes my dick hard, I am here to tell you what the fuck has to offer.

For those who do not know much about this place, was founded in 2009, and it is quite an unusual, and in my opinion, useful site. You could look at this place the same way as you look at Yelp, just like you can see what other people think about different restaurants, books, and other shit, you can read what other people think about certain escort chicks or trannies.