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Do you know all those porn sites where they give you suggestions of videos, usually from different porn websites, for free? Not, to mention that they are all usually in low-quality, which is a big turn-off. Well, while I am still against the fact that websites that host other people’s shit exist, I must say that caught me by surprise. There is plenty I’d like to say about this place, so sit the fuck down, and read.

Before I get down to what this site has to offer, you know I have to make a couple of comments on their design. While browsing for different websites worth a visit, I did stumble upon plenty that had some of the shittiest designs I have seen so far, and even though the layout on Damp Lips is not that bad, there is nothing good I can say about it.

The best experiences are formed when you watch the porn clips at night, and with a design like this, there is no fucking way you could do that without getting blasted with a yellow background. Not to mention that the site itself has a white background, and the combo of two just makes my fucking brain hurt.